True Birth


Cultivate your craft


Do you struggle to find clients? Is your doula practice feeling stale? Do you find yourself following a script? Or are you just starting out and feel wobbly on your doula legs? We’re here to infuse your practice with new life. In our unique mentorship program we’ll take you under our wing and support you as you grow your doula hobby into a doula career.

It’s not just luck and sparkling personalities that got us here. No doula fairy came along and sprinkled us with magic doula dust. So what’s our secret? We work in a way that sets us apart from the rest. Our thriving practice allows us to do what we love while we support our families. We’ll teach you the True Birth Method from soup to nuts.


We'll show you the ropes from attracting clients to interviewing with them to being hired to fine tuning your support throughout pregnancy and birth. What happens when a client is with an unsupportive provider? How do you encourage intimacy between a woman and her partner during the birth? We’ll coach you through all of this and more at our twice-monthly mentorship sessions and real-time phone support. When new situations arise at a birth you will have two experienced doulas to lean on and an endless pool of creativity from which to draw. We’re a phone call away.

A question we're often asked is how to do this work in a healthy sustainable way? Recovery after a birth is not just about getting sleep. We will teach you how to prepare and process in a way that minimizes your own emotional load and prevents burnout. You’ll find support from your peers as you step into a community of like-minded professionals. As if this all weren’t great enough, we’ll also help you find and support your clients through our program. 

Only a few spots available. Contact us for details and an application: