True Birth

All About Your Doulas


Kathy Shamoun, Co-Founder

I love everything birth. People think it's because I love babies. I do love babies but that's not it at all. For me, it's about supporting a woman as she's born anew each time –into someone a little wilder, freer and sometimes more ferocious because she's let in on a secret. She's more herself than she's ever been, and it's not always who she thought she was. With each birth she's let in on this secret in a new way. To help her along on this road is like witnessing a baby bird struggle and then take its first flight. It's immense and powerful and beautiful. I've been that baby bird twice, and still I stagger at every birthing woman's strength. It's one of the most magnificent things I've ever seen. 

Having been an active birth doula since 2007, I've helped hundreds of birds take flight.

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Kaitlin McGreyes, Co-Founder

My guiding principle as a doula is that a woman should feel heard, be seen, and have a sense of control during her birth. I believe the choices that a woman makes during her labor do not define her or her experience. The earth-shattering beauty of a birth comes from a woman transforming into her most powerful and courageous self. What endures from my own three births is not the way I gave birth or whether I had an epidural. What really mattered was the impact of the words spoken to me, the feel of my husband's strong hands supporting my head, the moment my doula joined me and I instantly knew I was going to be okay. I am humbled each time I am invited into this sacred space and do my work with deep reverence.

Since 2014 I have helped over 75 women bring their babies into this world and I am grateful  each day to be able to do this incredible work.