True Birth





A doula is your best friend, your favorite Aunt, a calming presence, a comforting touch, a therapist, your mother and a birth professional all rolled into one circle of support. We help you find the right medical provider for you. We’re on the phone with you at any time of the day or night to help you figure out if you’re in labor. We join you at home and, with our bottomless bag of "doula tricks," we keep you calm and comfortable. At the hospital we help you navigate that new terrain. You are more than a heartbeat or a contraction. While staff attends to your medical needs, we attend to the rest of you.

We at True Birth work as a team. Having a doula team means that no matter how long your labor, you’ll always have a fresh, energized, and rested doula to lean on. When our cup is full, we are able to give 100% of ourselves. It also means you get the love, brains, and creativity of two experienced doulas.




Giving birth is big and important. But being with you in labor is only one of the things we do as your doulas. Traditionally, a doula intimately knew the mother's heart and mind. She had a deep and ongoing relationship throughout the pregnancy. We are returning to traditional doula care. We find the more contact we have with you the easier it is to support you. The circle of support continues once your baby is here. In a sense, we’re your doulas forevermore.

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